• The thermal oil heater is designed as 3 passages the twisted spiral pipes. The combustion cell is designed not to touch the serpentine pipes of the flame and not to be effected by the high temperature voltages. Its according to the low combustion cell load, it prevents the homogeneous distrubition of heat over serpentines and excessive heat load. In this way the maximum legenth of serpentine life is provided. Thermal oil heaters can work up to 300*C dependin on the synthetic oil properties.
      The main reatures and adventages of thermal oil heater are as below.


      Its prefered that the space occupied in the projects where the height is not a problem is small and it prosides space design.
      No risk of explosion.
      Working without pressure.
      Low risk of corrosion and so this system life long.
      It works by disel and fuel oil
      Working capacity range 290-7.000 KW
      The thermal oil heater surface are manufactured in spiral bent pipe and 3 passages which are interwined in accordance with DIN 4745 standarts.
      Water connection can be made to clean the serpertines.
      Special designed dumper system with chimney in pass system.
      Damper system on-off, modulated ability to work.
      Not need contivous inspection for all safety measunes taken.
      Monitoring and control of capasity and temprature from display.
      Serpatine's tubes are seamless steel tensile pipes are conform according to DIN 2448/17175 and ST 35,8 quality.
      Serpatine pipes connecting are welded by Argon Welding and checked its by %100 ultrasonic films.
      Products of world brands that have proven themselves in boiler equipment and accessories are used.
      In order to minimize the heat losses in the thermal oil heater the thermal oil heater body is isolated with 100mm thickness rock wool and is coated with 1mm thickness alüminium sheet on isolation.